I offer custom tailored sustainable innovation workshops for corporations, business clusters, research and development teams, business start-ups and academic institutions.

You will:

  • Learn from some of the best and most current examples of sustainable innovation
  • Take part in a diversity of team based design challenges that stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Experience as part of a co-creative team how challenges turn into opportunities through sustainable innovation
  • Explore whole systems design, the IFF World Systems Model, the IFF World Game, and the IFF 3 Horizons as tools for sustainable innovation
  • Apply Earth Systems Science and principles of ecology to innovate sustainable solutions
  • Get inspired to become Nature’s apprentices through the application of biomimicry and ecological design
  • Explore the entire value chain of your product or service as an opportunity for sustainable innovation
  • Uncover the hidden potential of collaboration within your business and with other businesses and organizations
  • Generate a list of innovative ideas that will help you to develop your business or product

I can create a bespoke programme that fits your needs and situation, applying some or all of the elements above. Please get in touch if you are interested in more detail.

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